Recent Submissions

  • On the performance of priority rules for the stochastic resource constrained multi-project scheduling problem

    Wang, Yanting; He, Zhengwen; Kerkhove, Louis-Phillipe; Vanhoucke, Mario (Elsevier, 2017)
    The majority of research studies the resource constrained multi-project scheduling problem in a deterministic environment, regardless of the uncertainty nature of the environment. In this paper, we assume that the activity duration is a stochastic variable, and propose two new robustness measures to analyse the performance of priority rules under a stochastic environment. A full factorial experiment is designed to solve the problem and investigate the relationship between project characteristics and the performance of priority rules. Furthermore, a trade-off relationship between the quality and robustness is investigated and the best priority rules are recommended from both a project and portfolio managers perspective.
  • Digital reality no1: customer experience value

    Viaene, Stijn (EBR Media Ltd, 2017)
    Customer-centric practices have been one of the key considerations in this age of digital transformation. In this article, Professor Stijn Viaene elaborates on how customer experience as value must be prioritised and how the concept can drive an organisation to its success.
  • What digital leadership does

    Viaene, Stijn (EBR Media Ltd, 2017)
    Leadership has been an indispensable factor in any business development. As businesses undergo digital transformation, Stijn Viaene offers exciting insight on digital leadership, the different leadership personas required for its execution, and the crucial role digital leadership plays for a successful digital transformation.
  • Rethinking strategy for the digital age: an executive primer

    Viaene, Stijn (2017)
    Professor Stijn Viaene sheds light on the essential role of strategy in the digital age. The article further elaborates on what really constitutes a successful digital transformation. Is it simply launching yourself to the plethora of digital disruptions around you? Or does doing so might bring you to your own “death”?
  • Visueel Essay - 62 nachten in de opera: de geboorte van de Verenigde Naties

    Baert, Francis; Desmet, Lien (Vereniging voor de Verenigde Naties, 2015)
  • Visueel Essay - Twintig jaar Wereldhandelsorganisatie

    Baert, Francis; Desmet, Lien (Vereniging voor de Verenigde Naties, 2015)
  • Visueel essay - Bretton Woods: voorbij de mythe

    Baert, Francis; Desmet, Lien (Vereniging voor de Verenigde Naties, 2015)
  • Asymmetry revisited: what leadership of organizational change can learn from Tango Argentino

    Wetzel, Ralf; Nees, Frauke (2017)
    The article improves the understanding of leadership in organizational change by drawing on the metaphor of the Tango Argentino. Based on the reasonably young research stream of Organizational Aestetics, the relationship between a leader and a follower is compared and exploited to better understand the essentials of leading and following in organizational change. The article shows the importance of a trustful, resilient connection between leader and follower to successfully and substantially design organizational change. By giving up of control, and following the follower especially the leader can gain new resources to explore new territory while the follower can prove and take on responsibility for successfully shaping a better organizational future
  • Defaults in bank loans to SMEs during the financial crisis

    Duarte, Fabio Dias; Gama, Ana Paula Matias; Gulamhussen, Azzim
    We investigate the role of (business) collateral and (personal) guarantees alongside small and medium enterprise (SME), lending bank and loan characteristics, macroeconomic conditions, sectors, and geographic locations while controlling for unobserved time effects in predicting default at the peak of the financial crisis. First, we find a positive relation between collateral and default, and a negative relation between guarantees and default. Second, we find a negative relation between the joint influence of collateral and high credit score, and a positive relation between the joint influence of collateral and low credit score and default. We also find a negative relation between the joint influence of guarantees and high credit score. These findings are relevant for SME policies aimed at facilitating access to credit, reducing the cost of borrowing, and decreasing default, risk management of banks, and the application of theories of financial economics in the context of a financial crisis.
  • Six Batteries of Change - Energize your company

    De Prins, Peter; Letens, Geert; Verweire, Kurt (LannooCampus, 2017)
    Managing change becomes an increasingly critical capability in today's turbulent and disruptive work environment. Nevertheless, research indicates that failure rates of change initiatives remain high.In Six Batteries of Change, the authors propose a new model that helps managers to deal with this challenging topic in a more effective way. The model tracks the extent to which your organization has the energy to succesfully implement change. The book identifies six 'batteries of change' that organisations and managers need to charge for change to become effective, and offers insights into how to keep each of these batteries buzzing. The role of a change manager is to ensure that all six batteries are charged, in order to generate the amount of energy necessary in succesfully completing change. If the batteries of change remain empty, the succes rate of the change will be limited.Six Batteries of Change shows managers how to develop transformation competency by creating a more energised organisation, capable of dealing with faster and more complex change. It does this by setting up new frameworks, and referring to numerous cases to illustrate the effectiveness of each approach.
  • Six batteries of change: Laad je bedrijf op voor verandering

    De Prins, Peter; Letens, Geert; Verweire, Kurt (LannooCampus, 2017)
    In tijden van disruptie is het cruciaal om verandering juist te managen. Maar de kans op mislukking blijft ontzettend hoog. Six Batteries of Change biedt een verrassend eenvoudig model voor meer effectieve verandering. Gebaseerd op het idee van zes batterijen die volledig opgeladen moeten zijn om de beste resultaten te bekomen, identificeren de auteurs zes punten in organisaties die extra energie verdienen. Het toont je hoe de verschillende 'batterijen' op te laden, maar ook hoe je die energie kan inzetten om transformatiecompetenties te ontwikkelen die je organisatie nog wendbaarder maken. Een grondig onderbouwd model, toegankelijk uitgelegd en rijk geïllustreerd met talrijke cases, zet elke organisatie op weg naar duurzame verandering.
  • A guide to private equity: Is a buy-in the right move for your practice

    Manigart, Sophie; Van Dyck, Walter; Witmeur, Olivier (2017)
  • B-Kay Tech: Horizontal Collaboration in Logistics

    Boute, Robert; Van Steendam, Tom; Creemers, Stefan (2017)
  • Barometer innovative public procurement in Belgium

    De Coninck, Ben; Viaene, Stijn; Leysen, Jan; Van der Auwera, Chris (2017)
  • Preparing the Financial Plan: Forecasting

    Manigart, Sophie; Meuleman, Miguel
  • Do multinational banks create or destroy shareholder value?

    Gulamhussen, Azzim; Pinheiro, Carlos; Pozzolo, Alberto Franco
    We question whether the international diversification of multinational banks creates or destroys shareholder value. Based on a sample of 384 listed banks from 56 countries we provide new and robust evidence that bank cross-border activities create shareholder value, as shown by an economically and statistically significant premium for international diversification. Our results are confirmed controlling for bank fixed effects, time-varying bank characteristics, reverse causality, functional diversification, and instrumenting for the choice to expand abroad. The increase in shareholder value is slightly larger for banks in the middle range of international diversification and in the case of expansion towards less developed countries.

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