• An open source traffic engineering toolbox

      Leduc, Guy; Abrahamsson, Henrik; Balon, Simon; Bessler, Sandford; D'Arienzo, Maurizio; Delcourt, Olivier; Domingo-Pascual, Jordi; Cerav-Erbas, S.; Gojmerac, I.; Masip, X.; Pescaph, A.; Quoitin, B.; Romano, S.F.; Salvatori, E.; Skivee, F.; Tran, H.T.; Uhlig, S.; ümit, Hakan (Computer Communications, 2006)
    • Intra-domain traffic engineering with shortest path routing protocols

      Altin, Aysegül; Fortz, Bernard; Thorup, M.; ümit, Hakan (Annals of Operations Research, 2013)
      Throughout the last decade, extensive deployment of popular intra-domain routing protocols such as open shortest path first (OSPF) and intermediate system–intermediate system (IS-IS), has drawn an ever increasing attention to internet traffic engineering. This paper reviews optimization techniques that have been deployed for managing intra-domain routing in networks operated with shortest path routing protocols, and the state-of-the-art research that has been carried out in this direction.
    • Supply chain resilience in smart meter rollout projects

      Samii, Behzad; Meyers, Kris; ümit, Hakan (2012)
    • The impact of supply chain resilience on the business case for smart meter installation

      Samii, Behzad; Meyers, Kris; ümit, Hakan (The Electricity Journal, 2014)
      To produce realistic cost benefit assessments for the rollout of electricity smart meters, financial and operational decision-makers can collaborate using the framework of operational excellence and supply chain resilience. Strategies of product standardization, installation cost unification, onsite uncertainty reduction, and binding investments deferral not only reduce electricity supply chain vulnerabilities but also provide considerable cost reduction and resource optimization.