• Customers' usage of self service technology in a retail setting

      Weijters, Bert; Schillewaert, Niels; Rangarajan, Deva; Falk, Tomas (2005)
      The last decade has seen an increased focus by retailers on using new technologies to deliver their services. The introduction of self-service technologies (SSTs) opens up for retailers the potential of improving productivity and service quality while cutting costs. However previous forays by retailers to get their customers to try these self-service technologies have not been proven to be quite successful. Previous empirical research on the usage of technology based self-services has mainly focused on antecedents of attitude towards and corresponding behavioral intentions to use. However, little empirical research has linked these variables to actual behavior in a real life setting. To address these issues, we collected a combination of survey and observational data using self-scanning lanes as objects of investigation. We identify ease of use, usefulness, fun, and reliability as drivers of attitude towards the SST, which in turn significantly predict actual usage of the SST. We also extend previous research by focusing on the moderating effects of age, education and gender as key demographic variables. Finally, we contribute to the literature by studying the consequences of SST use from the customers' point of view. Keywords: self-service technology, retailing, consumer attitudes and behavior
    • Determinants and outcomes of customers' use of self-service technology in a retail setting

      Weijters, Bert; Rangarajan, Deva; Falk, Tomas; Schillewaert, Niels (Journal of Service Research, 2007)