• It's time to invest more in our health

      Van Dyck, Walter; Cardoen, Brecht; Neels, Leo (2014)
    • Personalized medicine: Time to invest more in our health

      Van Dyck, Walter; Cardoen, Brecht; Neels, Leo (The Clinical Services Journal, 2015)
      Healthcare is on the verge of a revolution, especially as miniaturised digital technology, more powerful computing and an attitude change converse and reshape the way we deal with health issues.
    • The future of M&A in the pharmaceutical industry: Promoting or stifling innovation?

      Van Dyck, Walter; Neels, Leo (Finance Monthly, 2014)
      In the research-intensive pharmaceutical industry, two rationales for M&A prevail. First, deals may be intended to provide access to target companies’ markets or innovative treatments R&D programs and, second, economies of scale could boost cost-efficiency. Both rationales lead to increased valuation of the merged company. The $119 billion takeover approach by Pfizer, the largest drug maker in the world, was resisted by AstraZeneca, another pharmaceutical giant and crown jewel of the UK-based life sciences industry at an offer representing a 45% premium over its share price before Pfizer made its move public. What went wrong and do we see a fundamental trend towards more or maybe different M&A activity in the pharmaceutical industry?
    • The price of success? Pharmaceutical IP and global healthcare: a positive alliance

      Neels, Leo; Van Dyck, Walter (Pharma Times Magazine, 2016)
      Pharma has struggled with the dilemma of drug pricing and patent enforcement in developing countries for decades. In an ideal world, everyone has access to quality health services without financial hardship, but, in the real world, not every country has a strong, efficient and well-run health system. In the past, pharmaceutical companies have been named and shamed for focusing on the richer countries that can afford to pay the prices needed to recoup high R&D costs – but things may be changing.