• An examination of the influence of ICT on patient co-creation in healthcare service delivery at the micro level

      Osei-Frimpong, Kofi; Wilson, Alan; Lemke, Fred (2016)
      This study provides an empirical perspective of the influence of online health information search on patient co-creation in healthcare service delivery at the micro level. The study primarily sheds light on the influence of information seeking on the clinical encounter process and how this cumulatively impacts on the expected service outcomes. The following research questions are addressed: 1. How do patients search for information and what motivates them to seek health related information? 2. What impact does online information seeking have on patients’ engagement in healthcare clinical encounters? 3. How is co-creation modeled in healthcare to ascertain the cumulative effects of ICT on the expected outcomes at the micro level?
    • Customer coproduction in healthcare service delivery: Examining the influencing effects of the social context

      Osei-Frimpong, Kofi; McLean, Graeme; Wilson, Alan; Lemke, Fred (Journal of Business Research, 2020)
      This study furthers our understanding of service coproduction by examining some pertinent antecedents and the consequent effect on customer adherence to medical instructions in healthcare service delivery. Through a cross-sectional quantitative survey design, data collected from 594 healthcare customers were analysed through structural equation modelling using AMOS 23. The findings indicate significant influences of social context on participation in service coproduction and adherence. Additionally, the mediating effect of customer role clarity on social context (nature of interactions, access to healthcare information, service climate) and coproduction are established. This study also determined moderation effects of provider-customer orientation on the coproduction process. Further, customer health condition-type (acute or chronic) does not present different effects on their coproduction behaviours. From a social cognitive theoretical perspective, this study has established that customers’ coproduction behaviours are motivated by the social system in relation to the social context.
    • Examining the service engagement process in value co-creation in healthcare service delivery: A multi-level perspective

      Osei-Frimpong, Kofi; Wilson, A.; Lemke, Fred; Mclean, G. (2018)
      This study furthers our understanding of value co-creation, which has received little attention in the doctor-patient encounter relationship. We employed a quantitative survey method to shed light on factors driving this fundamental service aspect, followed up with a multilevel data analysis. These factors (assurance, social skills, doctor-patient orientation) from the doctor significantly strengthen the effects of the patient-level factors (trust, perceptual beliefs, interactions) on the service engagement and outcomes of the focal doctorpatient dyad. We establish the cross-level interactive effects at the group level of the focal dyad on service engagement. The findings suggest service engagement at the group level had no significant effect on patients’ perceived value. We provide new empirical insights to understand and operationalize these fundamental influencing factors of the value co-creation concept in a healthcare setting, and contribute to the value co-creation literature.