• Does more international transmission capacity increase competition in the Belgian electricity market

      Küpper, Gerd; Delarue, Erik; Delvaux, Bram; Meeus, Leonardo; Bekaert, David; Willems, Bert; Proost, Stef; D'haeseleer, William; Deketelaere, Kurt; Belmans, Ronnie (The Electricity Journal, 2009)
      From a national market perspective, taking transmission capacity into account reduces current concentration measures, although they remain fairly high even after substantial capacity increases. From an international perspective, a more efficient use of current transmission capacity by coupling regional markets can increase competition. That suggests it may not be appropriate to assess market concentration using national market shares.
    • How to increase cross border transmission capacity? A case study: Belgium

      Bekaert, David; Meeus, Leonardo; Van Hertem, Dirk; Delarue, Erik; Delvaux, Bram; Küpper, Gerd; Belmans, Ronnie; D'haeseleer, William; Deketelaere, Kurt; Proost, Stef (2009)