• Thinking of a position outside the US? Dos and Don'ts of international business schools

      Chattopadhyay, P.; Richter, A.; Shenoy, P.; Patient, David; Cojuharenco, I.; El Nayal, O.; Hartman, S.; Caprar, D.; Rerup, C.; Grohsjean, T.; Lowe, K. (2020)
      Many management scholars are interested in taking their career to a new culture and context. Although the opportunities around the globe to teach and conduct organizational research have significantly increased, first-hand information on non-US business schools can be hard to come by. This PDW is designed for both junior and senior OB scholars who would like more information regarding academic careers at reputable non-US business schools. It will bring together panelists currently working at schools in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, who are not originally from there or trained there. The panel will provide information, highlight challenges, and share distinctive features for academic careers in each country, including tacit knowledge and unspoken rules that the panelists have learned during their own adaptation process. Topics for discussion include: What does the job application process look like? How are job candidates and faculty evaluated? What are key challenges in adapting to the national culture and university system? What are norms of professional conduct (i.e., dos and don’ts in presenting oneself and one’s work)? The PDW includes individual presentations by panelists, country-specific roundtable discussions, and a closing Q&A.