• International strategic alliances: stock market responses from dutch firms partnering with EU, US and Japanese firms

      Sleuwaegen, Leo; Schep, K.; Hartog, G.; Commandeur, Harry (2003)
      This paper examines the effect on the market valuation of large Dutch firms following the announcement of forming international strategic alliances (ISAs). These stock market effects are distinguished by type of alliance and country of origin of the partnering firms during the period 1985-1992. While ISAs are generally found to have a positive effect on firms' market value, strategically and culturally distant foreign partners generate a strong negative effect on a firm's market value. The results underscore the importance of conducting a strategic, operational and cultural audit of the partnering firms and the envisaged partnership. The audit needs to be taken as a starting point in developing the essential co-operation skills to make the alliance work and should become integrated within a comprehensive performance scorecard.
    • Relevant market delineation with the use of strategic business information

      Schep, K.; De Voldere, Isabelle; Sleuwaegen, Leo (1999)
    • Value creation and the alliance experiences of Dutch companies

      Sleuwaegen, Leo; Schep, K.; den Hartog, Gijs; Commandeur, Harry (Long Range Planning, 2003)