• The influence of assortment size on preference-consistent choice

      Elen, Maarten; Uyttersprot, Ineke; Geuens, Maggie; Vermeir, Iris (2011)
      Contrary to previously reported adverse effects of large assortments, we suggest that greater variety increases preference-consistent choice if the preferred alternative is accessible. Experimental data confirm that more respondents choose their most preferred alternative from stage one, in a choice task in stage 2, when the assortment was large versus small.
    • Investigating the strength of affectively and cognitively based attitudes

      Uyttersprot, Ineke; Vermeir, Iris; Geuens, Maggie (2011)
      Affectively based attitudes are often said to be stronger than cognitively based attitudes, supported by evidence indicating that affective attitudes are more accessible than cognitive attitudes. We argue that in terms of two other strength-related dimensions, certainty and knowledge, attitudes based on cognitive beliefs can be perceived as stronger than attitudes based on emotions.