• Structural antecedents of corporate network evolution

      Wijen, Frank; Noorderhaven, Niels; Vanhaverbeke, Wim (International Journal of Business Environment, 2011)
      Using 456 supervisor-employee dyads from four organizations, this study examined how employees use one proactive behavior, feedback seeking, as a strategy to enhance their creative performance. As hypothesized, employees' cognitive style and perceived organizational support for creativity affected two patterns of feedback seeking: the propensity to inquire for feedback and the propensity to monitor the environment for indirect feedback. Feedback inquiry related to supervisor ratings of employee creative performance. These results highlight the importance of employees' self-regulatory behaviors in the creative process and show that feedback seeking is not only a strategy that facilitates individual adaptation, but also a resource for achieving creative outcomes.
    • The dynamics of social networks and organizational ambidexterity

      Wijen, Frank; Noorderhaven, Niels; Vanhaverbeke, Wim