• A guide to private equity: Is a buy-in the right move for your practice

      Manigart, Sophie; Van Dyck, Walter; Witmeur, Olivier (CRST Europe, 2017)
    • Groeikapitaal en buy-outs gids in België

      Manigart, Sophie; Vanacker, Tom; Witmeur, Olivier (2011)
      Existing consumer innovativeness scales ignore the multitude of motivation sources of buying innovations. The objective of this paper is to incorporate recent motivation research into a multi-dimensional innovativeness scale to better account for the consumer-product relation. An exploratory and confirmatory study (with 780 respondents in total) indicates that four types of motivations underlie consumer innovativeness: functional, hedonic, social and cognitive. The proposed 28-item Motivated Consumer Innovativeness scale proves to be reliable, valid and goes beyond existing innovativeness scales.
    • Venture capital gids en Belgique

      Manigart, Sophie; Witmeur, Olivier (2009)
    • Venture capital gids in België

      Manigart, Sophie; Witmeur, Olivier (2009)