• Cultural and Ideological Roots of Materialism in China

      Yang, Song; Stening, Bruce (Social Indicators Research, 2012)
    • MAO meets the market: reconciling ideology and pragmatism in China

      Yang, Song; Stening, Bruce (Management International Review, 2013)
      This study sought to examine the relative impact of several competing sources of values and ideologies—Chinese Traditional Values, Capitalist Values, Socialist Ideology and Deng Xiaoping’s Philosophy—on Chinese businesspersons. In contrast to previous research that has focused almost exclusively on cultural influences, this research was aimed at also understanding political influences. Questionnaire data from 487 respondents drawn from two cities and three industrial sectors was analyzed by means of structural equation modeling. Positive and significant relationships were revealed between Socialist Ideology and both Chinese Traditional Values and Deng’s Philosophy. While a negative and significant relationship was shown between Socialist Ideology and Capitalist Values, Capitalist Values were positively and significantly related to Deng’s Philosophy. Chinese businesspersons live with some apparent contradictions between espoused values and the realities of economic life. The paper explores how they are reconciled and examines their implications for various stakeholders.