• The impacts of internal quality management relations on the triple bottom line: A dynamic capability perspective

      Alsawafi, Ahmed; Lemke, Fred; Yang, Ying (International Journal of Production Economics, 2021)
      This paper takes the dynamic capability (DC) theory as a theoretical perspective to investigate empirically the role of the internal dimensional view of quality management (QM) relations (management and employee) in driving sustainability performance, specifically social, environmental and economic dimensions. Data was collected from 226 UK manufacturing firms, and the relationships were empirically tested using structural equation modelling (SEM). The results show that internal management relation contributes to supporting employee relations and quality training. However, it is indirectly related to sustainability performance. In addition, management relations are indirectly connected with sustainability performance through employee relations. This study is relevant to academics and practitioners as it focuses on significant QM relations that are beneficial for the triple bottom line (TBL) of firms. As firms adopt QM relations to sustain their competitive advantage and achieve operational performance, it is crucial to identify which internal quality management relations associated with social, environmental and economic sustainability performance dimensions exert an influence.
    • Social sustainability: Academic and practical perspectives

      Alsawafi, Ahmed; Lemke, Fred; Yang, Ying (2018)
    • Supply chain resilience and customer experience.

      Lemke, Fred; Alfarsi, Fahd; Yang, Ying (2018)