• How external and internal organizational image impact absenteeism

      De Stobbeleir, Katleen; Caniels, Marjolein C.J.; De Clippeleer, Inge; Deprez, Jana; Buyens, Dirk (2014)
      In this study, we investigate how an organization’s employer brand may impact important organizational outcomes. Specifically, using a sample of 59 Belgian companies, we assess the relative importance of employee evaluations and external evaluations in predicting one of the most important HRM concerns in organizations, i.e., absenteeism. Results show that absenteeism decreases both as a function of employees’ views and of outsiders’ views of the organization. Results further show that external perceptions of an employer may be a more important driver of absenteeism than the internal image. Such results highlight the importance of studying organizations’ external image in impacting important employee outcomes.