• Antecedents and consequences of performance management enactment by front-line managers. Evidence from Belgium.

      Dewettinck, Koen; Vroonen, Wim (International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2017)
      Although researchers have extensively stressed the critical role of line managers in the effective implementation of HR practices, little is known about what exactly causes managers to enact these practices. In this paper, we draw from signaling theory, theory of planned behavior and social exchange theory to investigate both the antecedents and the outcomes of front-line management's enactment of performance management (PM) activities. Results from two Belgian samples of 731 front-line managers and 425 employees show that line management's beliefs regarding the usefulness of PM activities mediate the relationship between HR support and line management's implicit person theory, on the one hand, and PM enactment, on the other. This relationship is moderated by the manager' span of control. Furthermore, line management enactment shows to be positively related to employee engagement and job satisfaction.
    • Het neurowetenschappelijke karakter van vertrouwen

      Meulemans, Silke (HR Magazine, 2017)