• Dynamics of persistent heterogeneity in the global configuration of business services value chains

      Peeters, Carine; Lewin, Arie (2014)
      The paper develops an integrative framework that identifies, describes and links the firm-specific and non-firmspecific factors that co-evolve and mutually influence the changes in configurations of global business services value chains over time. We focus on the heterogeneity of configurations resulting from idiosyncratic choices regarding what processes to unbundle, what activities to locate where, and what control mechanisms to use. Expanding current models and empirical studies in International Business, we argue in particular in favour of a behavioural approach that gives more room to decision makers and the decision making process to explain changing but persistent heterogeneity in ALC configuration (Activity-Location-Control mechanisms) of business Page 44 TUESDAY AIB 2014 Conference Proceedings services global value chains.