• A cross cultural examination of creative problem solving style: the Dutch translation of VIEW

      Isaksen, S.G.; De Schryver, L.; Onkelinx, Jonas (Journal of creative behavior, 2010)
    • International commitment, post-entry growth and survival of international new ventures

      Sleuwaegen, Leo; Onkelinx, Jonas (Journal of Business Venturing, 2014)
      This paper makes several contributions to the emerging literature on the post-entry behavior of international new ventures. Based on an extensive longitudinal data set, we investigate the dynamics of commitment, growth and survival of different types of newly internationalizing Belgian firms. Global start-ups have the highest initial and rapidly rising export commitment per market and are also more likely to continue exporting over time than geographically focused start-ups, and traditional staged exporters. However, global start-ups also display the highest failure rate. This high failure rate appears to result primarily from the ‘liability of newness’ and less from the added complexity associated with rapid and wide scope internationalization.
    • Internationalisation strategies of Small and Medium sized enterprises: The case of belgium

      Onkelinx, Jonas; Sleuwaegen, Leo (Review of Business and Economics, 2012)
    • The human factor: Investments in employee human capital, productivity, and SME internationalization

      Onkelinx, Jonas; Manolova, Tatiana S.; Edelman, Linda F. (Journal of International Management, 2016)
      Internationalization offers many strategic benefits to SMEs, but is not easy to accomplish. In contrast to much of the work on SME internationalization, which focuses on the role of the entrepreneur in the internationalization process, the premise of this study is that in SMEs, the investment in the human capital of the entire organization pays off when it is carefully calibrated with the chosen internationalization strategy. We find that firm-level investments in employee human capital are critical for the labor productivity and internationalization in fast internationalizers, but not for those firms that internationalize more slowly.
    • USDI on the up: AmCham study tracks investment and R&D trends

      Bowen, Harry; Onkelinx, Jonas (AmCham Business Journal, 2007)