• Linking Employee Motivation and Organizational Performance

      Antoni, Conny; Baeten, Xavier; Perkins, Stephen; Shaw, Jason; Vartiainen, M. (Journal of Personnel Psychology, 2017)
      This editorial introduces the current special issue which contributes to the research on reward management by focusing on the contextual effects of financial rewards on employee motivation, behavior, and performance, and by analyzing the mediating mechanisms of different types of financial and nonfinancial rewards. The four studies included in this special issue address different issues of reward management research and take different theoretical perspectives. the editors hope that this special issue stimulates further longitudinal, mixed-methods, and multilevel research to compare the effects of specific reward types and practices on employee motivation and on individual, team, and organizational outcomes. There is a need to analyze the underlying mediating mechanisms and to identify individual, team, or organizational level variables moderating these relationships.