• From preaching to investing: attitudes of religious organisations towards responsible investment

      Louche, Céline; Arenas, Daniel; van Cranenburgh, Katinka C. (Journal of Business Ethics, 2012)
    • Management responses to social activism in an era of corporate responsibility: a case study

      van Cranenburgh, Katinka C.; Liket, K.; Roome (+), Nigel (Journal of Business Ethics, 2013)
      Intergroup relations at work become more complex with the cultural diversification of societies. A diverse workforce can be at the same time a competitive advantage and a source of internal organizational conflicts. Therefore, it is important to know the conditions that link intergroup contact to the emergence of an inclusive organizational culture. This case study proposes a model of intergroup contact that focuses on individual factors amenable to change. Therefore, we propose that ethnocultural empathy is the mediator that explains how contact leads to increased positive diversity-related attitudes and reduced negative diversity-related attitudes. Our case study focuses on the middle and higher management (147 respondents) of a Dutch organization which faces a problem with the promotion of ethnic minority employees. The data shows that ethnocultural empathy is a mediator in the relation between intergroup contact and positive attitudes towards diversity, but not negative ones. Hence, our findings suggest that while empathy can trigger more