• Kan uw onderneming voordeel halen uit target costing?

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    • Kaplan of Goldratt? Het grote gelijk

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    • KBC Mobile Banking

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      When KBC Bank introduced their mobile banking application in 2011 they delivered much more than a piece of software. Mobile banking was a way to focus on their customers and rebuild trust. Yet, this case is not so much about what they delivered but how they delivered it. Agile development brought along both challenges and opportunities for KBC. The case explores how agile compares to traditional ways of ICT development. Can banks, given the new digital challenges, really build their future ICT portfolios on agile development?
    • Kenmerken van succesvolle loyaliteitsprogramma's

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    • Kenniswerk herontwerpen

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    • Keuze van vermogensvoorziening

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    • Kiezen voor flexibiliteit

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    • Knowledge management with focus on the innovation process in collaborative networking companies

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      Knowledge lies at the very heart of innovation. A company's ability to create, store and transfer knowledge about technologies, customer needs and the innovation process itself may well determine success in bringing new products or services to the market. Yet, little is known as to how companies treat these issues in practice. This paper presents the results of a research project assessing practices and challenges for innovation-oriented knowledge management within four global technology-based companies in Switzerland. Results are discussed from both company-internal and external network perspectives. For company-internal knowledge management, broad differences in terms of both practices and challenges were found between the companies mainly because of different ways of implementing the innovation process and very different company cultures. Common issues included poor implementation of post-project reviews as well as a need for better integrating market and customer knowledge into all stages of the innovation process. For the external perspective, a more homogenous picture emerged where companies network with different partners throughout the innovation process and where knowledge creation and transfer were substantially greater for long-term partnerships.
    • Knowledge sharing in an online community of volunteers: The role of community munificence

      Erden, Zeynep; von Krogh, Georg; Kim, Seonwoo (European Management Review, 2012)
      This study examines how perceived benefits, and context in online communities, shape members' intentions to share their knowledge. We build a model of knowledge‐sharing intention and provide empirical evidence using survey data collected from a community in which members voluntarily exchange their experiences, ideas, and questions on photographic equipment via online platforms. We find the perceived benefits and favorable conditions provided by a community (community munificence) – which consists of collective knowledge, experienced interdependence, opportunity structures, and psychological safety – influence individuals' motivation to contribute knowledge. We discuss managerial implications and outline suggestions for future theory building and empirical research.
    • Knowledge sharing in inter-unit cooperative episodes. The impact of organizational structure dimensions

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    • Knowledge-flows and firm performance

      Erden, Zeynep; Klang, David; Sydler, Renato; von Krogh, Georg (Journal of Business Research, 2014)
      This study advances the understanding of how knowledge-flows impact on firm performance. Incorporating recent research on the knowledge-based view of the firm, this paper tests and extends the knowledge flow model by using more fine-grained measures and by proposing a nonlinear effect. This study tests the predicted effects in a longitudinal research design with data on a global sample of public biopharmaceutical firms. The results largely support the expectation that knowledge-flows largely have a nonlinear impact on firm performance. However, one traditional measure of knowledge-flows, geographical location, turns out to have no significant influence in the extended model. The paper explains the implications of these findings for practice and research.
    • Kosten en cash anno 2010

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    • Kostenbeheer in de Healthcare Supply Chain

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    • Kostenbeheersing om te overleven

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    • Kostencalculatie ten behoeve van produktontwerpbeslissingen

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