• Shaping pay in Europe. A Stakeholder approach

      Antoni, Conny Herbert; Baeten, Xavier; Emans, Ben; Kira, Mari (Peter Lang, 2007)
      Shaping Pay in Europe: A Stakeholder Approach focuses on pay systems applied in the European Union. Giving due attention to the institutional setting of the European pay systems, the book discusses how European companies may approach pay as an integral part of their operational and strategic framework. Pay is an important topic for several stakeholders on the labour market. The book discusses the perspectives of various stakeholders – employees, employers, trade unions, and employer associations – on the issue of pay. Secondary analysis of earlier statistical studies and new empirical material on European pay systems is also presented in the book. The book also aims at contributing to a better understanding of pay systems. If one wants to understand the various pay systems of a company, which pay elements and pay characteristics should one focus on? Which are the essential pay characteristics shaping an individual’s pay and how could these characteristics be studied or audited? The book provides answers to both questions by presenting a practical, yet sophisticated model of essential pay characteristics.