• Congestion management in a market environment

      Purchala, K.; Meeus, Leonardo; Belmans, Ronnie (2005)
    • Electricity network regulation in the EU : The challenges ahead‎ for transmission and distribution

      The UK model of incentive regulation of power grids was at one time the most advanced, and elements of it were adopted throughout the EU. This model worked well, particularly in the context of limited investment and innovation, a single and strong regulatory authority, and limited coordination between foreign grid operators. This enlightening book shows that since 2010 the whole context has changed and regulation has had to catch-up and evolve. The EU is entering a wave of investment, and an era of new services and innovation which has created growing tensions between national regulatory authorities in terms of coordinating technical standards and distribution systems. This is being played out against an increasingly disruptive backdrop of digitzation, new market platforms and novel business models.
    • EU Energy Innovation Policy Towards 2050

      Glachant, Jean-Michel; Ahner, Nicole; Meeus, Leonardo (2012)
      What is the European energy strategy for 2050? How different is it from the 2020 energy strategy? What are the technology options? What are the policy options? This volume discusses the "EU Energy Innovation Policy Towards 2050". It represents the outcome of the 3rd Academic Roundtable of the Loyola de Palacio Chair at the European University Institute held in Florence on the 24th of May 2011. It introduces the reader to the most recent thinking regarding the European transition towards a low carbon future. The views presented include those of experts of the European Commission, major industry players, and prominent academics. Besides academic articles, speeches and opinions it contains reports of the THINK Tank of DG Energy hosted in Florence.
    • The evolution of electricity markets in Europe

      Meeus, Leonardo (2020)
      Bridging theory and practice, this book offers insights into how Europe has experienced the evolution of modern electricity markets from the end of the 1990s to the present day. It explores defining moments in the process, including the four waves of European legislative packages, landmark court cases, and the impact of climate strikes and marches. Leonardo Meeus explains the sequence of electricity markets in Europe from wholesale to balancing markets, forward transmission markets, capacity mechanisms, redispatching and flexibility markets. Chapters explore current issues including the new paradigm that places the citizen at the centre of the energy transition. Concluding that most of the market integration process in Europe so far has required horizontal coordination between transmission system operators in different countries, the book looks ahead to the importance of vertical coordination between the transmission and distribution. An invaluable book for energy policymakers and practitioners working in Europe, the solutions offered for contemporary issues will also be helpful for those working in international or multi-region electricity markets more widely. Academics involved in the world of electricity regulation will also find this an invigorating read.
    • The future of EU electricity network codes

      Meeus, Leonardo; Nouicer, Athir; Reif, Valerie; Schittekatte, Tim (2020)
      This comprehensive book on the European energy transition has been written by more than 40 European leading energy- and climate experts. It reflects on the latest policy developments, as such as the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package, the Green Deal and the Climate Law.
    • Regulation of smart grids

      Meeus, Leonardo; Hadush, Samson Yemane; Momber, Ilan (2016)
    • Rozwoj rynkow energii elektrycznej

      Purchala, K.; Meeus, Leonardo; Belmans, Ronnie (2006)
    • Smart regulation for smart grids

      Meeus, Leonardo; Saguan, Marcelo; Glachant, Jean-Michel; Belmans, Ronnie (2012)
    • Training for the energy transition: Community learning at Florence School of Regulation

      Meeus, Leonardo; Glachant, Jean-Michel (2020)
      This chapter presents the value-add and next steps for European network codes and guidelines.
    • Transition towards a low carbon energy system by 2050: What role for the EU?

      Meeus, Leonardo; Azevedo, Isabel; Marcantonini, Claudio; Glachant, Jean-Michel; Hafner, Manfred (2012)