• Corporate finance

      Deloof, Marc; Manigart, Sophie; Ooghe, Hubert; Van Hulle, Cynthia (Intersentia, 2019)
      This textbook on Corporate Finance deals with the different sources of funding and the capital structure of corporations (excluding financial institutions), the decisions that managers can take to increase enterprise value as well as the tools and analysis used to allocate financial resources. The authors link theoretical insight to practical cases. The objectives and functions of corporate finance are discussed in an introductory chapter. The following chapters cover: fundamental financial valuation principles, investment analysis and the minimum investment return requirement, capital structure and dividend policy, long-term and medium-term financing, working capital as well as some specific financial topics such as valuation of companies, international financial policy, financing of growth companies, mergers and acquisitions, etc. While written for students, this book is also appealing to financial professionals such as financial directors, credit rating agencies, corporate managers in financial institutions as well as accountants and auditors.