• Adding value and HRM practice: evidence-based HR

      Buyens, Dirk; Verbrigghe, Jasmijn (Springer, 2015)
      We argue that although HR has a lot of tools and practices, it still lacks an overarching decision science that defines how organizations can obtain strategic success through their human resources. In order to support companies’ informed HRM decision-making, we recommend establishing a tradition of evidencebased HR practices. Evidence-based HR is a family of practices, combining research evidence with contextual information and individual judgment of HR professionals as essential sources of information. After having reviewed implications for HR practice from scholarly work, economic and societal trends as well as business tools from other managerial domains, we discuss the potential of Talentship as an evidence-based decision science and as a first step towards a general way of thinking to support HR decisions. As such, we believe the present chapter provides a significant contribution to the insights of practitioners and scholars into the further development towards evidencebased HR.