• Effective Workplace Solutions: Employment Law from a Business Perspective

      Jordaan, Barney; Stander, Ulrich (Siber Ink, 2016)
      It is very easy to be tripped up on a technicality in the bewildering world of the workplace, where both staff and management have to negotiate employment relations in both the formal sense – contracts, lines of reporting, disciplinary procedures etc. – and the informal: team cultures, inter-personal relations, work ethic, collaboration, etc. This book brings a cool and calm perspective to bear on the practicalities of labour law, employment relations, and dispute resolution. It is written by two highly experienced practitioners in the field of employment law, employment relations and dispute resolution, uniquely positioned to provide clear solutions to the problems that employees, union officials, line managers, HR/ER managers and employers are likely to encounter in their interaction with one another. It is indispensable to anyone who plays an active role in the management of the modern South African work environment, whether as manager, adviser, owner, or union official.
    • South African employment relations : theory and practice

      Nel, Piet S.; Kirsten, M.; Swanepoel, B.J.; Erasmus, B.; Jordaan, Barney (Pretoria, 2016)