• Essentials: Leiderschap

      Buelens, Marc; De Stobbeleir, Katleen (LannooCampus, 2012)
    • Essentials: Management

      Buelens, Marc; Van Rossem, Annick (LannooCampus, 2012)
    • Grootmeester in leiderschap

      Buelens, Marc; De Stobbeleir, Katleen (LannooCampus, 2009)
    • Heeft u een CEO-brein?

      Buelens, Marc (Uitgeverij Lannoo, 2005)
    • Leading organisations in turbulent times: Towards a different mental model

      Jordaan, Barney (Springer, 2018)
      Organisations that are able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances in their operating environment have a competitive advantage. This level of "agility" involves more than simply developing new strategies and organisational structures to enable the rapid gathering of relevant information and equally rapid response times. Agility also - if not primarily - requires an ability on the part of people in the organisation to collaborate effectively to improve their decision-making abilities both as far as speed and quality of outcome are concerned. Collaboration involves more than the mere acquisition of a particular skills set, e.g., to listen and communicate effectively, or procedural adeptness. Creating a collaborative working environment requires a climate of trust within the organisation and a mindset that is focused on working with, rather than against others to achieve common organisational goals and objectives. Given the human propensity to compete and the so-called trust deficit prevalent in organisations, trustworthiness on the part of leaders and an ability to instil a culture of colloboration are required. However, a number of human and organisational obstacles would need to be overcome to achieve this.
    • Leidinggeven met creativiteit

      Warmoes, Veronique; Van den Broeck, Herman (LannooCampus, 2009)
    • Opportunities in Comparative Antwerp-Rotterdam Port History

      Buyst, Erik; Loyen, R. (Physica Verlag, 2003)
    • Preface and introduction

      Loyen, R.; Buyst, Erik; Devos, Geert (Physica Verlag, 2003)
    • The agile leader's scrapbook

      Van den Broeck, Herman; Jordaan, Barney (LannooCampus, 2018)
      The demand for organisations to become more agile has never been greater than in today's fast moving economy. This book puts forward a framework and techniques that will allow your organisation to survive and even thrive in the turbulence of the current business environment. The Agile Leader's Scrapbook inspires readers to find a 'managerial logic' that fits with the particular needs of their organisation. By laying out the basics of what it means to create an agile working environment, it provides clues to a better approach to co-creation, and to letting self-sufficient teams make better and more sustainable decisions.
    • The end of leadership

      Van den Broeck, Herman; Rogge, J.; Van Kerrebroeck, Monica (Vlerick Business School, 2003)
    • Using applied improvisation for organizational learning in the Red Cross red crescent climate centre

      Wetzel, Ralf; Tint, B. (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2019)
      In this chapter, we introduce the background of theatrical improvisation and a model in which it is applied outside the theatre. We illustrate the sensuous quality of Applied Improvisation by a case study of a developmental aid organization, employing the mind- and skill set to adapt the organization to the volatile and uncertain conditions it is operating in.