• Management of convergence in innovation strategies and capabilities for value creation beyond blurring industry boundaries

      Hacklin, Fredrik (2008)
      Throughout the past decade, the phenomenon of technological convergence has increasingly gained managerial attention. In this special form of technological change, the coming-together of previously distinct knowledge bases gives rise to the creation of new applications and business models. When such innovations emerge at the intersection of industries, the resulting creative destruction may exceed previously established industry boundaries. As a consequence, convergence does not only promise the creation of new value, but may imply significant disruptions to established industries. Based on investigating 26 firms within the ICT industry, this book highlights implications of the convergence phenomenon on firms’ innovation management practices, and derives strategic guidelines for building and sustaining business models beyond blurring industry boundaries.
    • Media and convergence management

      Hacklin, Fredrik; Klang, D.; Baschera, P. (2013)
      When technologies converge, entire industry sectors are likely to do the same. In order for such transitions to succeed, not only are novel products and services needed, so too is the design of appropriate business models. In this context, it is particularly important from a firm’s perspective to critically question any affiliation to a particular industry. Instead, the business model should become the focus of innovation activities. Using a structured approach, managers can analyze their existing business model with respect to a converging industry sector early on, in order to be able to adapt it well in time to newly emerging market conditions.