• Adding oil to a portfolio of stocks and bonds?

      Dorsman, André B.; Koch, André; Jager, Menno; Thibeault, André (2013)
      Business practitioners increasingly seem to believe in the power of goal-based labels (i.e., labels that link assortment items to consumption goals). While previous literature has focused on feature-based approaches to increase choice satisfaction, we introduce goal-based labeling as a consumer-based approach to increase choice satisfaction. Since goal-based labels (e.g., a “Family Trip” camera versus a “Professional” camera) relate choice alternatives directly to consumption goals, they allow consumers to bypass translating product attributes into goal attainment. Quantitative and qualitative results of an experimental study indicate that novice consumers, but not experts, benefit from goal-based labeling in multiple ways. Novice consumers use goal-based labels as an important cue in their decision making. This can significantly increase their chances at making an optimal choice. Choosing from a goal-based labeled assortment also has a positive effect on the choice satisfaction of novices. Mediation analyses show that a decrease in the choice uncertainty drives the positive effect of goal-based labeling on choice satisfaction. Novices apparently do not blindly follow the labels that are provided but try to understand the link between labels and attributes. Hence, among novices, inaccurately labeled assortments not only result in suboptimal choice but also in higher uncertainty and lower satisfaction. For experts, goal-based labeling is largely irrelevant, as it does not have an effect on their choice satisfaction, nor on their likelihood to make an optimal choice.
    • Conclusies en aanbevelingen

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    • Cost Accounting

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    • Durven groeien in Vlaanderen: een boek voor gevorderden

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    • Financial reporting disclosure and corporate governance

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    • Financiële beslissingstechnieken voor managers

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    • Follow-on financing of venture capital backed companies

      Vanacker, Tom; Seghers, Arnout; Manigart, Sophie (Oxford University Press, 2012)
      research and practice in the field of executive compensation.
    • Groeifinanciering: Case Pharmasoft

      Manigart, Sophie; Vermeiren, Nico (Intersentia, 2004)
      This paper investigates the impact of open innovation on national systems of innovation. The open innovation concept has become widely established among scholars and practitioners. However, an overview of its impact on national innovation systems is still lacking. Given that the innovating firm is at the core of national innovation systems, a better understanding of shifting innovation strategies at the firm level is of fundamental importance to the actions of policy-makers within the national innovation systems framework. Based on the main analytical approaches of national innovation systems and the current state of open innovation research, we argue that open innovation practices have at least three critical effects on national systems of innovation: (a) they reinforce its importance, (b) they improve its effectiveness, and (c) they diversify its networks.
    • Handboek Bedrijfsfinanciering: Theorie en praktijk

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    • Handboek Beheerscontrole: Doelgericht sturen van bedrijfspresentaties

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    • Het stopzetten van ondernemingen: een frequent verschijnsel?

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    • Inleiding

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    • Management Accounting

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    • Managing for performance excellence

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    • Overheidsmaatregelen voor startersfinanciering

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    • Performantie na een buy-out: een empirische studie

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    • Preparing the financial plan: Forecasting

      Manigart, Sophie; Meuleman, Miguel
      In this chapter, we will delve into the technical aspects of financial planning for a startup.
    • Seed and venture capital

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