• Innovation for sustainable, profitable growth at Barry Callebaut

      Muylle, Steve; Baert, Caroline; Debruyne, Marion (2013)
    • Ready to take the plunge? Introducing Agfa HealthCare's healthcare IT solutions in Spain

      Debruyne, Marion; Baert, Caroline (2011)
      This case reveals the complexity of making a viable market entry with a complex healthcare IT product and illustrates how a technology-driven company aims at making a strategic transition. In 2005, Agfa HealthCare is an established player in the market for medical imaging, that strives to become a leading healthcare IT player. To break through market inertia and increase market share, the company ventures into the development of state-of-the-art IT solutions. Looking for its next growth opportunity, Agfa HealthCare's attention is drawn towards the Spanish healthcare market where it faces four options for a possible market entry with IT solutions: (1) enter the Spanish market alone, (2) acquire a Spanish player, (3) partner up with a company in the Spanish market or (4) dismiss the move altogether and direct its efforts towards other markets or products. It is up to the strategic decision maker to analyse the pros and cons related to each strategy based on available information concerning the industry, customers, competition, possible partners, acquisition candidates and product characteristics. Therefore, this case is particularly suitable for students of both degree programs and executives interested in market strategy, strategic decision making, competition and product management.
    • Surviving digital disruption: The case of Truvo

      Peeters, Carine; Baert, Caroline (2018)
      The case study is set at the end of the year 2014. At that time, Truvo, a traditional yellow pages industry player in Belgium, has already made a number of important steps in its transition from a print directory company to a digital marketing agency for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Different strategic options have been explored, implemented and / or abandoned, illustrating the continuous approach to the company's strategic transformation. In 2014, Truvo's management had to decide on two important next steps in the company's transformation: 1) Should Truvo further accelerate the full exit from print business? 2) Should Truvo extend its digital marketing offering by creating a full-service agency targeting larger clients? In addition to a reflection on Truvo's transformation journey overall, these two concrete questions offer an opportunity to expose students and executives to the difficulty of strategy making when a company needs to radically rethink its existing business model in a context of rapid but also uncertain market developments.