• How IT enables Business Model innovation at the VDAB

      Viaene, Stijn; Broeckx, Saskia (2012)
      This case study invites students to discuss strategic value creation through the use of IT. It raises issues of business model innovation, IT strategy, digital platforms, ecosystems, business-IT alignment, and leadership. The key character in the case is the CIO, Paul Danneels, who is ready to drive the strategic transformation of the VDAB, the Flemish Employment Agency, from a service provider to a labor market conductor. Starting from a firm understanding of the VDAB's strategic choices, students should be able to discuss the positioning and role of the IT department as well as its views on value delivery. The case also asks students to reflect on the desired features of the IT organization, the ways in which IT might help the VDAB to co-create value with other labor market actors, and any issues the CIO and the CEO should discuss in the near future.