• Debafi N.V

      De Clercq, Dirk; Ooghe, Hubert; Sierens, Nathalie (1998)
    • Taking the commodity bull by the Horns: The Success of the PCBShop.com - Teaching Note

      Muylle, Steve; De Clercq, Dirk (2004)
      This case describes the entrepreneurial process, as it happened for a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. It exemplifies: (1) the interplay between lucrative opportunities, entrepreneurial team and resources, (2) addresses the role of the global marketplace for entrepreneurs, (3) highlights the successful shift by the manufacturer to electronic business to break the product commodity cycle, and (4) puts forward franchising as a potential growth strategy. The intended teaching objective of the case is to challenge students in framing and unravelling key issues involved in the start-up and growth years of an emerging venture. In doing this, the case makes students focus on entrepreneurship, while also addressing related issues in manufacturing, marketing, and electronic business. The teaching note was written by Steve Muylle and Dirk De Clercq.