• Cowboys to Gentlemen: Doing Business in Central Europe

      Bowen, Harry; De Voldere, Isabelle (2006)
      After 10 years of doing business in the Polish commercial real estate market, Liebrecht & wooD contemplates the changes in the competitive environment during the last few years. The market has evolved from a high-risk emerging market to a maturing market with increasingly fierce competition that has signicantly reduced Liebrecht & wooD's return on investment. Amid these changes, Liebrecht & wooD faces several challenges: (1) what strategies should the company adopt to respond to growing competition and a maturing commercial real estate market in Poland?, and (2) can Liebrecht & wooD continue to offer high return / high risk projects to its core investors? The case asks participants to think about the dynamics of a maturing market and the different options a company has to maintain a competitive position in such a maturing market. It also provides important insight into the opportunities and risks of doing business in Central Europe. The case is well suited for courses dealing with international business and internationalisation strategy. The case encompasses a number of strategic methods and issues including: (1) industry analysis, (2) strategic positioning, (3) product and geographic scope, and (4) organisational structure. The case can be used with students at any level, including those in general management, MBA, and executive programmes.