• Faith institutions and investment: an empirical study

      Louche, Céline; Arenas, Daniel; van Cranenburgh, Katinka C. (2010)
      This study contributes to the emerging empirical studies on roles and responsibilities of boards in nonprofit organizations by identifying competencies of volunteer board members. We identified how two types of constituents—volunteer board members and sports members—perceived competencies of volunteer board members in community sports clubs. We used the repertory grid technique to draw cognitive maps and to reveal the perceived reality of these constituents. Our results suggest that constituents within a group share similar perceptions of competencies of outstanding performing board members, whereas they agree less on perceptions of poor performing board members. This study reveals that cognitive (e.g., having a long-term vision, having professionalism), emotional intelligence (e.g., being reliable, being honest), and social intelligence (e.g., listening to others, being jovial/nice to be with) competencies are necessary to be perceived as an outstanding performing board member.
    • Unpacking the notion of success in social shareholder engagement: The perspective of religious organisations

      Goodman, Jennifer; Louche, Céline; van Cranenburgh, Katinka C.; Arenas, Daniel (2012)