• An examination of the influence of ICT on patient co-creation in healthcare service delivery at the micro level

      Osei-Frimpong, Kofi; Wilson, Alan; Lemke, Fred (2016)
      This study provides an empirical perspective of the influence of online health information search on patient co-creation in healthcare service delivery at the micro level. The study primarily sheds light on the influence of information seeking on the clinical encounter process and how this cumulatively impacts on the expected service outcomes. The following research questions are addressed: 1. How do patients search for information and what motivates them to seek health related information? 2. What impact does online information seeking have on patients’ engagement in healthcare clinical encounters? 3. How is co-creation modeled in healthcare to ascertain the cumulative effects of ICT on the expected outcomes at the micro level?
    • A financial perspective on improving ICT service delivery: A case at the Belgian railways

      Lutin, Luc; Viaene, Stijn; Demeere, Nathalie; Jolyon, Olivier (2013)
      This article discusses the financial perspective in a case study at ICTRA that deals with improving ICT service delivery. It outlines the three-step approach taken in the Finance Transformation Project and explains how this approach helped ICTRA in becoming a more business-oriented ICT shared service centre.
    • Key challenges for the smart city: Turning ambition into reality

      Van den Bergh, Joachim; Viaene, Stijn (2015)
      Smart city is a label internationally used by cities, researchers and technology providers with different meanings. As a popular concept it is widely used by city administrators and politicians to promote their efforts. It is hard enough to find a good definition for smart cities, but even harder to find a trustworthy description of what it takes to become a smart city and how a city administration is impacted. This paper sets out to investigate how a city, aspiring to become a 'smart city', can manage the organization to realize that ambition. Specifically, the paper describes the case of the City of Ghent, Belgium, and the key challenges it has been facing in its ongoing efforts to be a smart city. Based on in depth interviews with city representatives six key challenges for smart city realization were identified and tested with a panel of representatives from five European cities that are in the process of becoming a smart city. This way, the study contributes to a more professional pursuit of the smart city concept.
    • Succesful integration of ICT in education and training

      Daniels, J.; Hendrickx, Hendrik (+); Vanleeuw, M.; Verjans, Steven (1997)