• Surviving a toxic leader: The moderating role of team-member-exchange

      De Baets, Shari; Stouten, J. (2011)
      In this article, I briefly describe the various topics of a new book that I have written as a summary of a large research study performed during the past 5 years. The research described in the book deals with the project performance and control phase of the project life cycle and the corresponding feedback loop from control to planning and scheduling to take corrective actions when necessary (known as project tracking or project monitoring). More precisely, the focus is on a reactive scheduling early warning system by means of earned value management (EVM) and schedule risk analysis (SRA). For an overview of EVM. See e.g. Anbari (2003) or Fleming and Koppelman (2005). For an introduction to SRA, see Hulett (1996). Although EVM has been set up to follow up both time and cast, the majority of the research has been focused on the cost aspect. In the book, I focus on the time dimension, which has received relatively less attention in the last decennia.