• Flexibility markets : Q&A with project pioneers

      Schittekatte, Tim; Meeus, Leonardo (2019)
      Flexibility markets are recognised as a promising tool to make better use of existing distribution grids and thereby also reduce the need for grid investments. In this paper, we analyse four pioneering projects implementing flexibility markets: Piclo Flex, Enera, GOPACS and NODES. Based on a literature review, we develop a six-question framework and we then analyse the projects with that framework. The questions are: (1) Is the flexibility market integrated in the existing sequence of EU electricity markets; (2) Is the flexibility market operator a third party; (3) Are there reservation payments; (4) Are the products standardised; (5) Is there TSO-DSO cooperation for the organisation of the flexibility market; (6) Is there DSO-DSO cooperation for the organisation of the flexibility market. We find that all the considered flexibility markets are operated by a third party. All projects also engage with multiple DSOs in order to become the standardised platform provider. Important differences between the projects are the extent to which the flexibility markets are integrated into other markets, the use of reservation payments, the use of standardised products and the way TSO-DSO cooperation has been implemented.