• Gender differences in Commitment to change: impacted by gender or by being part of a minority group?

      Deprez, Jana; Van den Broeck, Herman; Cools, Eva; Bouckenooghe, Dave (2012)
    • Global sourcing by mne's: impact on domestic firms

      Coucke, Kristien (2005)
      The unequal situation of large global firms with extensive networks and smaller domestic firms has created a dual structure in many industries. In this paper we examine the competitive position of domestic single-plant firms under growing rivalry of global companies that source abroad and flexibly coordinate production activities within a multinational network. Growing rivalry is modelled as a decrease in sourcing costs for multinational firms. We separate a direct and an indirect effect - i.e. competitive strategic effect- of a lower sourcing cost on the production decision of multinational and domestic firms. We show how cost characteristics of domestic firms determine the impact of these effects. We theoretically find that, ceteris paribus, output flexible firms will be most vulnerable and exit first from the market. Product differentiation is found to reduce the strategic effect of global sourcing by MNE's on the competitive position of domestic firms.
    • Globalisation and firm exit: Differences between small and large firms

      Colantone, Italo; Coucke, Kristien; Sleuwaegen, Leo (2008)
    • Globalisation and the definition of the relevant geographic market in antitrust practice

      Sleuwaegen, Leo; De Voldere, Isabelle (2001)
      This paper starts from the antitrust practices in the European Community and the US with respect to the delineation of the relevant geographic market in dealing with concentrations and shows that regulations and guidelines at this moment focus almost exclusively on demand substitution. However, the process of globalisation involves essentially global supply conditions and competition. A methodology is presented for delineating the relevant geographic market, that better takes this globalisation trend into account and brings both demand and supply substitution better in balance. The practical use of the methodology is illustrated for the Volvo-Scania merger case that was blocked by the European Commission in 1999.
    • Grounding principles for governing web 2.0 investments

      De Hertogh, Steven; Viaene, Stijn (2009)
    • Group goal setting in age-diverse teams: investigating the role of goal clarity and reflexivity

      Davidson, Tina; Dewettinck, Koen; De Baets, Shari (2012)
      We propose a human-centred process for knowledge discovery from unstructured text that makes use of formal concept analysis and emergent self-organizing maps. The knowledge discovery process is conceptualized and interpreted as successive iterations through the concept–knowledge (C–K) theory design square. To illustrate its effectiveness, we report on a real-life case study of using the process at the Amsterdam–Amstelland police in the Netherlands aimed at distilling concepts to identify domestic violence from the unstructured text in actual police reports. The case study allows us to show how the process was not only able to uncover the nature of a phenomenon such as domestic violence, but also enabled analysts to identify many types of anomaly in the practice of policing. We will illustrate how the insights obtained from this exercise resulted in major improvements in the management of domestic violence cases. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
    • Guaranteed income insurance and occupational disability: an Employee perspective

      Baeten, Xavier; De Ruyck, Bettina (2018)
      This research report is the result of a collaboration between AG Insurance and Vlerick Business School with the objective of gaining insights into employees’ personal experiences and expectations about occupational disability, and the employer’s role in this respect.
    • H1N1 flu vaccine allocation protocol

      Samii, Behzad; Vereecke, Ann (2010)
    • Healthy or unhealthy slogans: that's the question...

      Adams, Leen; Geuens, Maggie (2005)
      The present study focuses on social self-esteem of youngsters (i.e. esteem derived from approval of others), a widespread, important pursuit of youngsters in modern society. More specifically, we explored the relationship between social self-esteem on the one hand, and an individual difference measure, Need for Closure, and gender on the other hand. Results show that NFCL and gender significantly relate to social self-esteem values like eagerness for approval and tranquility, achievement pressure and competence orientation, individualism, independency and appearance mindedness. NFCL and gender also affect youngster's social esteem related self-images. In addition, interesting interaction effects were identified. Limitations and directions for future research are suggested. Keywords: Need for Closure, Values, Self-Image, Gender, Social Self-Esteem.
    • Hospital of the future - The future of hospitals

      Cardoen, Brecht (2019)
      Het groenboek van Leuvens Instituut voor Gezondheidszorgbeleid (LIGB) van de KU Leuven en de Vlerick Business School biedt ondersteuning voor beleidskeuzes voor de rol en organisatie van het ziekenhuis van de toekomst. Het ziekenhuis van de toekomst moet een antwoord bieden op de meest prangende uitdagingen: intelligente integratie van technologie, de veranderende zorgvraag als gevolg van de vergrijzing, gepersonaliseerde zorg en schaarse financiële middelen. Het ziekenhuis wordt een onderdeel van een ziekenhuisnetwerk en neemt, in samenwerking met andere zorgverstrekkers, nog slechts een deel van het zorgpakket voor zijn rekening. Die veranderende rol heeft een impact op de infrastructuur die zal verschillen afhankelijk van de aangeboden zorgcomponenten. Bundeling van expertise in focused factories, technologische platformen en samenwerking voor logistiek en andere diensten is de toekomst. Opdat het ziekenhuis zijn toekomstige rol kan opnemen moet er werk worden gemaakt van een vlotte informatie-uitwisseling tussen alle betrokken partijen en moeten er juridische en financiële obstakels worden weggewerkt. Aandacht voor het welzijn van het zorgpersoneel is essentieel.
    • Hospital Process Orientation (HPO): the development of a measurement tool

      Gemmel, Paul; Vandaele, Darline; Tambeur, Wim (2007)
    • How "inside" are house banks and creditors? Evidence from earnings management in Belgium

      Sercu, Piet; Vander Bauwhede, Heidi; Willekens, Marleen (2003)
    • How do early stage high tech innovators make their investment decisions?

      Clarysse, Bart; Lockett, Andy; Knockaert, Mirjam (2004)
    • How Do Early Stage High Technology Investors Select Their Investments?

      Clarysse, Bart; Knockaert, Mirjam; Lockett, Andy (2005)
      This study examines the selection behaviour of 68 European early stage high tech VCs. In particular, we examine whether or not these VCs exhibit heterogeneity in their selection behaviour. To examine these issues we employ a conjoint analysis methodology. Our results indicate that VCs exhibit substantial heterogeneity in investment selection behaviour. Employing a cluster analysis three types of investors emerge: those who focus on technology, those who focus on finance and those who focus on people. We then examine the drivers of these differences, being the sectoral focus, the sources of funds and the human capital of the investment manager.