Open Access

What is Open Access (OA) Publishing?

Self-archiving your publications in a repository is also referred to as the ‘Green road to Open Access’. When you publish your work in a scientific journal, copyright and license agreements are usually applied. This often implies that you transfer the copyrights of your work to the journal publisher. However, many publishers offer the opportunity to publish the final draft (post-print) in a repository. Check the Sherpa/Romeo database or ask your publisher to find out what you can/cannot deposit.

Open Access guidelines are mainly applicable for journal articles. For books, cases, doctoral dissertations, research reports,… other copyright and license agreements are valid and therefore not always openly available.

Advantages of Open Access (OA) Publishing ?

OA Publishing enlarges the audience, visibility and impact of scientific work. Deposited works receive persistent URLs, are comprehensively indexed by search engines – including Google and Google Scholar – and reach academic and non-academic readers who sometimes may not have access to the original publications. This increased availability leads to increased usage and hence potential impact of your work.

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