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Research Output
Business Research Projects
  • Barco ClickShare: Introducing the next-generation meeting experience

    Standaert, Willem; Muylle, Steve (2021)
    Barco - a global technology leader in industrial visualization solutions - pioneered the category of wireless presentation systems for business meetings with its launch of ClickShare in 2012. Barco ClickShare rendered cables in the meeting room redundant, enabling meeting participants to share their laptop, tablet or smartphone screens wirelessly on the meeting room display. Over time, the Barco ClickShare product portfolio had evolved to 5 models, each targeted at a different type of meeting room - from huddle to board room. After 7 years of stellar growth, ClickShare was at a pivotal point: It had to sustain its momentum and double the number of units sold in three years' time, while driving meeting technology innovation and spearheading the next generation digital meeting experience. The case is situated at the beginning of 2020 and describes how the first two generations of Barco ClickShare products were brought to market, resulting in an installed base of 750,000 units across the world, with a presence in over 40% of the Fortune 1000 companies. In the case, three key executives of Barco's Meeting Experience business unit appraise how ClickShare evolved in terms of product design, market definition, value proposition, pricing, distribution, and communication, and discuss the competition. Given the changing market conditions and competitive dynamics, the executives set out to further digitize the product line, which raised two important strategic issues: What should the next-generation ClickShare experience be and how to bring the digitized product line to market?
  • How shall we meet? Understanding the importance of meeting mode capabilities for different meeting objectives

    Standaert, Willem; Muylle, Steve; Basu, Amit (Information & Management, 2021)
    Distributed business meetings can be conducted in a variety of modes, such as audio-conferencing, video-conferencing, and telepresence, and can have different objectives, ranging from routine information sharing to relationship building. This paper examines whether and how differences in meeting mode effectiveness can be explained by the differing functional capabilities offered by each meeting mode (e.g., discerning facial expressions, experiencing co-location). Using data from the organizers of 612 business meetings, we identify the meeting capabilities perceived as important for different meeting objectives, and find multiple sets of meeting objectives that require the same combinations of capabilities. In addition, we examine whether the importance of different capabilities is affected by meeting size and duration. Using the results of the study, guidelines are developed to help meeting organizers select effective meeting modes based on meeting objectives.
  • Differences in consumers perception towards using fintech payment applications of students in Belgium and Qatar

    Albuainain, Amna; Mubarak Al-Buainain, Amna (2022)
    The aim of the study is to asses the impact of consumer perception in using fintech applications by applying the extended TAM (technology acceptance model) . The study will investigate the relationship between consumer perceived usefulness, ease of use, risk and cultural dimensions such as collectivism/individualism and uncertainty avoidance.
  • Cost variability in medical treatments: A value based healthcare perspective

    Roman, Erin (2022)
    Healthcare sector faces rising expenditure.

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