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Business Research Projects
  • Gender differences in hedge fund performance persistence

    Klubinski, William Joseph; Verousis, Thanos; Tsoligkas, Fanis (2022)
    This paper analyses gender differences in hedge fund (HF) performance persistence using parametric and non-parametric risk-adjusted-performance persistence indicators. We find evidence consistent with performance persistence, which in relative (risk-adjusted) terms, is more pronounced amongst females, as opposed to male managers, in short to medium-term horizons. We also, observe a complete loss of persistence for the female managers in the long term, which for the male managers prevails and continues throughout all analysed periods. The findings contribute to the debate on the existence of differences in behaviour across males and females.
  • An improved algorithm for cleaning ultrahigh frequency data

    Verousis, Thanos; Ap Gwilym, Owain (Journal of Derivatives & Hedge Funds, 2010)
    We develop a multiple-stage algorithm for detecting outliers in Ultra High-Frequency financial market data. We show that an efficient data filter needs to address four effects: the minimum tick size, the price level, the volatility of prices and the distribution of returns. We argue that previous studies tend to address only the distribution of returns, and may tend to ‘overscrub’ a data set. In this study, we address these issues in the market microstructure element of the algorithm. In the statistical element, we implement the robust median absolute deviation method to take into account the statistical properties of financial time series. The data filter is then tested against previous data-cleaning techniques and validated using a rich individual equity options transactions data set from the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange. The paper has many relevant insights for any practitioner who uses high frequency derivatives data, for example, for market analysis or for developing trading strategies.
  • Price clustering and underpricing in the IPO aftermarket

    Ap Gwilym, Owain; Verousis, Thanos (International Review of Financial Analysis, 2010)
    This is the first paper to systematically investigate price clustering in new equity assets using a high frequency transactions dataset. We test the hypotheses that past price information and market maker activities are related to price clustering. We report that price clustering in IPOs is substantially greater than the clustering observed for non-IPO assets, which supports the hypothesis that the decision of going public is followed by haziness about the true price. Underpricing is a significant determinant of price clustering for order-book trades, which supports the notion that underpriced IPOs partially reflect price uncertainties. Tick size specifications can be restrictive for individual investors, while giving execution priority to market makers. The characteristics of price clustering for off-book trades differ substantially to price clustering in the order-book.
  • Price clustering in individual equity options: Moneyness, maturity and price level

    Ap Gwilym, Owain; Verousis, Thanos (The Journal of Futures Markets, 2013)
    Equity options have a significant influence on the price discovery process. This study presents unique evidence of substantial price clustering in individual equity options contracts. A particular contribution arises from investigating competing hypotheses on the roles of moneyness and maturity as determinants of option price clustering. We assert that options price clustering can be decomposed to price level, moneyness, and maturity effects. After controlling for other factors, price clustering has an inverse relation with time-to-maturity. This supports the negotiation hypothesis, but not the price resolution hypothesis. Price clustering also tends to be inversely related to moneyness. This effect is linked to the intrinsic value component of option price. Both the maturity and moneyness effects act in an opposite direction to what would be anticipated on the basis of price level alone; hence, these two effects are identified as additional influences on option price clustering. It is also found that the designated market maker scheme at NYSE Euronext London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) has little influence on trade price clustering.
  • Trade size clustering and the cost of trading at the London Stock Exchange

    Verousis, Thanos; Ap Gwilym, Owain (International Review of Financial Analysis, 2013)
    For the London Stock Exchange, this paper investigates differences in trading costs between market maker (off-book) and order book trades, in the context of clustering in trade sizes and prices. We report several substantial findings. Even after controlling for differences in trade size, the realised spread measure is lower for off-book trades. For the order book, trade size clustering is not associated with differences in transaction costs nor with differences in the information content of trades. For the off-book market, trades in clustered (popular) sizes carry significantly more information than non-clustered trades. Despite the significant differences in the price impact estimates between the order book and off-book, we show that traders placing large orders off-book are still better off than trading via the order book as they benefit from a large discount from the current midpoint price. Additionally, we highlight that price and size clustering tend to occur simultaneously rather than being substitutes in this market setting.

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