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Vlerick Research Output
  • Distressed M&A and the role of m&a in corporate restructuring

    Bruyland, Evy (2013)
    The global financial and economic crisis have led to a moderation in global M&A activity. The large M&A deals have disappeared and deal volume has fallen. Nonetheless, M&A remains a core part of business growth. Firms continue to look for acquisitions that allow them to capture a new customer base, technologies and products, access new markets and increase market share. While some years ago the M&A market was characterized by growing firms with a healthy track record, transactions involving distressed firms are increasing. Many investors, managers, advisors and academics are familiar with traditional mergers and acquisitions but little is known about distress-related M&A. However the surge in restructurings and failures has marked the M&A landscape and triggered a growing interest in these type of transactions. The practitioner-oriented and academic literature provide us with some insights but the risks and benefits of such transactions remain largely ambiguous. The goal of this dissertation is to increase our understanding of transactions involving troubled firms.
  • Digital transformation know how. Connecting digital transformation, agility and leadership

    Viaene, Stijn (2020)
    In recent years, digital development has accelerated and digital turbulence is the new normal. So, it’s time for a synthesis, time to bring stability to that turbulence: What have we learned? What do we know? What should we no longer have doubts about? Whether you’re a CEO or a dedicated worker, you have an important role to play in your organisation’s digital transformation. But it’s hard when you don’t have a common frame of reference or common language. What’s the big picture? How do things align? How can you contribute? This book offers you a practical perspective on six critical elements of successful digital transformation design: Strategy for the digital age: Digital transformation invests in strengthening the core and growing the more . Customer experience design: Great customer experience emerges from the way you solve your customers’ problems . Data and analytics: Giving data hands and feet is crucial to the success of a digital transformation. Digital partnership strategies: Combinatorial innovation drives digital partnerships, but they still must be earned. Digital transformation leadership: Technology skills are an organisation’s ticket to ride, agility its ticket to heaven . Scaling agility: The paradox involved in scaling agility is introducing fast flexibility and stability at the same time. gility: The paradox involved in scaling agility is introducing fast flexibility and stability at the same time.

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