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Vlerick Research Output
  • Maximising the weighted number of activity execution modes in project planning

    Burgelman, Jeroen; Vanhoucke, Mario (Elsevier, 2018)
    In multimode resource-constrained project scheduling, activity modes are selected and activity start times are determined to minimise the project makespan subject to resource constraints. When disruptions occur during project execution delays to project activities may ensue. Therefore, the a priori selected modes restrict the options to adapt the project schedule given the deadline. During the project scheduling phase, information on the best execution mode to include in the baseline schedule for each activity is usually not available. Scheduling these projects requires decisions on the modes to incorporate in the solution to maximise the flexibility during project execution and to postpone the decision on how to implement the activity until more information is available. In this paper, we study a project scheduling problem with multiple execution alternatives. Our objective is to maximise the weighted number of alternative activity execution modes in the project solution under three different assumptions. The research is motivated by real-life project scheduling applications, where the activities to be planned are known in advance, but the execution of these activities is subject to uncertainty. We present a problem description and three mathematical formulations. Additionally, computational results on the efficiency of the formulations and the increased flexibility are reported.
  • Quality and pricing decisions in production/inventory systems (Accepted)

    Jalali, Hamed; Raïsa, Carmen; Van Nieuwenhuyse, Inneke; Boute, Robert (Elsevier, 2018)
    In this article, we consider the impact of finite production capacity on the optimal quality and pricing decisions of a make-to-stock manufacturer. Products are differentiated along a quality index; depending on the price and quality levels of the products offered, customers decide to either buy a given product, or not to buy at all. We show that, assuming fixed exogenous lead times and normally distributed product demands, the optimal solution has a simple structure (this is referred to as the load-independent system). Using numerical experiments, we show that with limited production capacity (which implies load-dependent lead times) the manufacturer may have an incentive to limit the quality offered to customers, and to decrease market coverage, especially in settings where higher product quality leads to higher congestion in production. Our findings reveal that the simple solution assuming load-independent lead times is suboptimal, resulting in a profit loss; yet, this profit loss can be mitigated by constraining the system utilization when deciding on quality and price levels. Our results highlight the importance of the relationship between marketing decisions and load-dependent production lead times.
  • Hoe Coca-Cola, Netflix en Amazon leren uit hun mislukkingen

    Desmet, Lien (Nieuwe Media Groep, 2018)
    Hoe komt het dat er ineens zoveel succesvolle bedrijfsleiders zijn die hun bedrijven en collega's aansporen om meer fouten te maken en hun mislukkingen meer te omarmen?

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