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Vlerick Research Output
  • On the performance of priority rules for the stochastic resource constrained multi-project scheduling problem

    Wang, Yanting; He, Zhengwen; Kerkhove, Louis-Phillipe; Vanhoucke, Mario (Elsevier, 2017)
    The majority of research studies the resource constrained multi-project scheduling problem in a deterministic environment, regardless of the uncertainty nature of the environment. In this paper, we assume that the activity duration is a stochastic variable, and propose two new robustness measures to analyse the performance of priority rules under a stochastic environment. A full factorial experiment is designed to solve the problem and investigate the relationship between project characteristics and the performance of priority rules. Furthermore, a trade-off relationship between the quality and robustness is investigated and the best priority rules are recommended from both a project and portfolio managers perspective.
  • Digital reality no1: customer experience value

    Viaene, Stijn (EBR Media Ltd, 2017)
    Customer-centric practices have been one of the key considerations in this age of digital transformation. In this article, Professor Stijn Viaene elaborates on how customer experience as value must be prioritised and how the concept can drive an organisation to its success.
  • What digital leadership does

    Viaene, Stijn (EBR Media Ltd, 2017)
    Leadership has been an indispensable factor in any business development. As businesses undergo digital transformation, Stijn Viaene offers exciting insight on digital leadership, the different leadership personas required for its execution, and the crucial role digital leadership plays for a successful digital transformation.
  • Rethinking strategy for the digital age: an executive primer

    Viaene, Stijn (2017)
    Professor Stijn Viaene sheds light on the essential role of strategy in the digital age. The article further elaborates on what really constitutes a successful digital transformation. Is it simply launching yourself to the plethora of digital disruptions around you? Or does doing so might bring you to your own “death”?

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